Meet Debi Lynn

I am so happy you are here....and taking time out of your busy schedule to check out my designs!

I have been an artist,  and jewelry designer since 1992 and received my national registered trademark and copyrights for my designs in 1994. I have been creating my entire life (I am now 62), and have no plans on slowing down....I have known nothing else but being creative since the age of "4", when I would sit for hours cutting up my own paper dolls and dressing them from the Sears catalog (of course that was after my Meme was done with it).
When I purchase my materials, I stand behind them because I have been sourcing my suppliers since 1992 and I trust them and they always give a portion of their sales to women charities, in the same way I do.  I call this my "Giving Circle". I also have been collecting antique plus vintage findings and beads all my life from all my world travels and buyers who search the world for me.
When you own an original design from debi lynn designs, you own a piece of history!