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Why Do Boutiques Back Away From....

Why Do Boutiques Back Away From....

selling "Plus Size/Curvy" fashion? I get that question a lot from my customers wanting to know why most boutiques don't offer the larger sizes?

Did you know that over 62% of the women in this country are considered "plus size" in the fashion industry? If that is true, then why are we as boutique owners missing out on this section of our population?

As a curvy lady myself (which I wasn't until my last son was born), I had to learn to readjust my way of thinking about my size and how to be comfortable in my skin and weight! I knew I wanted to make sure other women of my size and curves also felt comfy in their fashion and did not look "frumpy" in their clothing.

I believe that the reason why most boutiques do not invest into "plus size/curvy" fashion is because they themselves are not in that category as a woman and don't know how to buy or sell these sizes. There are certain styles that I look for, because most women don't like to show their arms, show their legs/knees, and definitely don't want something that makes them look larger---so there is always a specific style that I look for to meet most of these requirements.

As one who is curvy, it is much easier for me to purchase and sell this type of fashion, and my customer trusts what I am saying. (A bit hard to trust a non-plus size woman to sell me something that is plus size, when in reality she really has no idea what we need and how we want it to fit.) No fault of their own, but I truly believe that is why you don't see many boutiques selling the larger sizes in fashion.  Heck, even the jewelry and accessories are purchased specifically for the curvy lady....we don't like things that bring attention to our neck area and most of us have larger wrists; so the bracelets (even the stretch ones) have to be made to fit the larger wrist....

The other difficult part for me is finding the larger sizes, that I know won't make my customer look like she is wearing something maybe her grandmother would have worn! So, I look hard and long for stylish fashion for my curvy ladies----so that they too feel "pretty and stylish"---and most of all feels "confident" in her clothing, no matter the size!

My goal is to find items that run from a SM to a 3XL---and trust me, not always easy to do---but, I do keep trying!

Thanks for sittin' a spell with me and I will see ya next week...xoxo  debi