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Where It All Began....

Where It All Began....

come on in and sit a spell while I tell ya a story about how this all began!

Yaya Chique (named after my Meme)....because in Louisiana my Meme and all her friends called themselves "Yaya's" which is a name from the West Indies meaning a woman of "reverence"; and yes I know it also means Grandmother in Greece. (Remember the movie---The Divine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood; that was based on women in Louisiana?)

I was a mixed media artist with a gallery in downtown Houston back in 1994, and was very successful; however, people kept asking me about my artzy fashion and jewelry I up-cycled and created.  I then realized that people only had just so many walls and women will always LOVE fashion, jewelry and accessories.

And the boutique concept was born in 2006 and opened on April 9, 2007....

My style was different for this part of Houston suburbs....but, I wanted to be closer to home and be able to get to my store ASAP if needed; so I moved it from the inner city to take a risk on suburbia, and it worked!

What is the style of the Yaya at my boutique? I always say that she has a "dash of spunk, a pinch of sass, with a splash of true grit". (TM)

My ladies are just about being themselves....and want something different and fun! If you are looking for a mix of up-cycled fashion and jewelry along with a clash of bohemian gypsy and cowgirl chique----then you have come to the right place.

Thanks for sittin' a spell---see ya next time!  xoxo  debi