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Let's Spread Some Kindness in our Country!

Let's Spread Some Kindness in our Country!

Our country is running wild and can be a pretty scary place right now....but, that all being said----there are still several ways you can show God that you are willing to help and love others---starting in your own back yard!
Here are several ways to easily show some kindness during these times in our country, because it all begins with each of us in our own community....
  • go visit your elderly neighbor and ask to walk their dog, make them a plate of dinner while you are cooking anyway, or just leave them a kind note at their door letting them know you care


  • leave someone a GREAT inspiring book to read on their doorstep or just on a park bench for the next person to pick up (leave a note telling that person why you left it for them)


  • next time you have to go out shopping (like even the grocery store), let someone cut in front of you....
  • pay for someone's meal or even a cup of coffee 

There are MANY ways to show kindness, but these are just a few reminders and it will help YOU more than it actually helps the other person----because your heart and spirit will feel GREAT!

Take care and stay safe...xoxo  debi