How I love to treat my customers....

How I love to treat my customers....

not only during good times, but ESPECIALLY during the difficult ones.  I have been a boutique owner since 2007 and a designer since 1994...and I have always followed the golden rule of "do unto others as you would have done to you". 

But, in the boutique business there are many things we have to adjust to as owners for our customers....especially now with social media and the competition of the big box stores (ex: Amazon, Zappos, etc...)

So, here is how I have made sure to make my customers feel "beautiful and special"...even through my website!

  1. be polite no matter what, because the customer has to feel that THEY are in the right....even if sometimes they aren't.
  2. quality products with GREAT prices....this is when you have to KNOW who you're customer is!
  4. Discounts at special times (not always though, cause you could go out of business the first year)
  5. A GREAT return/exchange policy. You must make your customer feel comfortable knowing that you stand behind your products. (Of course, there are always a few customers that will take advantage of this and they will ALWAYS buy and return....and after many times of this, you as the owner do have the right not to sell to them. But, this is when it has become apparent that this customer does this all the time....fortunately I have never had to deal with this type of customer during my entire business career---but, I do know boutique owners who have had to.
  6. Make buying with you fun and exciting....
  7. Keep new items coming in all the time, because a customer HATES seeing the same products all the time.  That is why I bring in new products pretty much every week and am constantly "flipping" the store front around.
  8. SMILE and always let a customer know that YOU know they are in your store and how much you appreciate them stopping by (regardless if they buy or not). Sometimes they aren't going to be your style of customer that likes your shop...but, they probably have friends that would; so they will pass the word to let their friends know to come visit or not...if you have not treated them great!
  9. Have fun events and parties every once in a while (even if it is not a special time of the year). Have one just because you want to do something great for your customers with treats, give-a-ways, and of course great shopping and discounts.  We all LOVE a special reason for shopping....
  10. Be yourself and be honest with your customers. This is something I know my ladies love about buying from me....I will let them know (in a nice way), if something is right for them or not. Because my goal is to make sure they not only feel beautiful, but they know when they go out in public with how I styled them---others notice and pay them so many compliments about how wonderful they look and of course they will then let their friends know that they were styled by "Debi, at the DLD Boutique". 
  11. I ALWAYS make sure when anyone walks into the store or buys on the website----they are WELCOMED into the world of the DLD Sisterhood!

Of course, there are many more reasons to treat my customers special....but, these have been my "priority rules" of how to make sure my customer actually becomes my "friend"....not just another person that shops at the DLD Boutique.

Until next time...xoxo  debi