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How to style your fashion for the summer.....

How to style your fashion for the summer.....

no matter what your size!

Most of us that are middle age and up, start to dread the summer because of the way we now have to "bare it all"----especially when it comes to swim suits!!! YIKES...and we HATE having to try on clothing for the summer especially a swimsuit.  But here are some basic hints on how to style during the summer and begin to LOVE the summer fashion!

Some great summer swimsuits that truly make you look slimmer! (click into each picture to take you to the website....they have all sizes!)


Lets first start with our skin....we all know that too much sun is unhealthy for our skin and I am not one for recommending a tanning bed---but, this is what I use all year long (especially in the summer) to keep my skin looking healthy and tanned! They work great for me and I love the "natural" look.

(both available on Amazon the links are in each of the pics)

Now our hair....you know how hot it gets and the worst thing in the world is feeling all that sweat on our necks from our hair. So, if your hair is long....put it up in a pony tail with really cute and stylish pony tail holders! Or, if you have short hair....wear a really cool straw hat or a baseball cap. If you are not a "hat" wearer....pull it back with a cool head band. All of these will top off any look you are wearing and pull it all together!

(Available in the DLD Boutique)

Now that we have some options for the hair....lets talk about the feet! Make sure your toes are trimmed and polished and the heels are nice and soft! As far as shoes are concerned; of course, we all love flips flops; but, we can also style a great look with summer clogs and artistic shoes!


 (You can click into these pics to take you to Amazon for purchase).

Now what type of fashion do we wear in the summer? First, you will want to go with something that is light weight and not clingy (due to the humid weather during the summer). If you don't want to wear shorts, wear capri leggings or capri jeggings. I LOVE wearing a romper that appears to be a top and shorts; then I will throw on a shear light weight vest if I am going out in order to dress it up a bit. Stack on all the jewelry and accessories and I am ready for a night out.


DO NOT be afraid of COLOR or patterns (If you are a plus size, stay away from any horizontal patterns...make sure the patterns are vertical (up and down)! You can add a belt that is just below the waist and high on the hips (main rule is DO NOT put the buckle or closure right in front....that will draw eyes direct to your belly! Shift it off to one side. Trust me!)

You can also wear great tees out there with your jeans and do a "two finger" side or middle tuck" or do a tie knot to the side! always makes one look slimmer....

(Available in the store)

Last but not least....jewelry! During the summer it is hard to wear a lot of heavy jewelry and layered pieces unless they are extremely light weight. So here is what I would suggest for around the neck...new bandana neck scarfs and the jewelry I design using small ball chain that wraps like a scarf and then the pendant slips through the wrapped chain and is a clip with charms to be added or taken away when wanted.

Bracelets are great to wear on those bare wrists! So now is the time to stack them up....from bangles, to cuffs to stretch! Go loud and bold on wrists and don't forget to dress up your ears!!!

Have fun and think outside the box for summer fashion! If ya have any questions, feel free to contact me and ask your questions!  xoxo  debi