Are small businesses going to survive?

Are small businesses going to survive?

Well, I know having been in the retail business and manufacturing business (with my husband and kids)....we have been through the 2008 recession and the H1N1 Virus, and all the oil crises our country has had, and we are still here!

Was it hard and scary? YES!!!! But, as a family and company we pulled together to do everything we could to make sure we would be able to keep our doors open for our employees and our customers. The first thing we did was my husband and I took away our salaries and lived off our savings for quite that we could keep essential employees working.

Unfortunately, we did have to lay some people off during these times....but, they were able to get unemployment until we could hire them back when we could. We have employees that have been with us for over 30 years, and we feel that not only are we giving them jobs (with GREAT pay and benefits), but we have to be responsible in the decisions we make in order for them to take care of their families.

Fortunately, we never have had to put this sign up about any of our businesses!

As time went on and we pulled together as a family making LOTS of sacrifices, the economy also pulled itself back into full swing.

What did we learn? First, that we could rely on each other and do whatever we had to do to make it work.

 We are now again in one of the possible situations with the Coronavirus looming over our world...but, because we have been through crises before---we already know what could be ahead of us and how to survive it.

I just posted a video over on my YouTube channel on how I have been able to think outside the box for my sweet boutique, Debi Lynn Designs---so, make sure you run over there to see what we came up with on making it through this time with my wonderful Yaya ladies and my own company!

So trust in God, and yourself and most of all your family to help get you through any crisis that comes your way!

Until next time....take care of yourself and your loved ones!  xoxo  debi