Am I protecting your treasures from the Coronavirus?

Am I protecting your treasures from the Coronavirus?

Yes, I am doing what the CDC and other major doctors have recommended to keep our customers and homes safe through this virus! 

Apparently, this virus can live on certain materials....from plastic (which the clothing comes to me in), cardboard boxes (which are what the products are also in when shipped to me), metal (yes, if a product has metal on it), and of course the products themselves from clothing, to jewelry, to gifts/decor items and even the materials I use to make my designs. I do my upmost to prepare ANY PRODUCT that comes into my shop that will be for sale. Here are the steps I take to protect you and myself...

Of course times have changed, so this does take a LOT of time to make sure the products are not only safe to handle for me....but, are ready to be shipped and packaged safely to YOU!

Step 1: When I receive a package, I take it into my covered car port (NOTHING is delivered to the storefront, so as to not contaminate my store), and I spray all the boxes (both cardboard and plastic ones) with an approved disinfecting spray. I let that dry and then move them (with RUBBER gloves) to my back covered porch for at least 24 hours.

Step 2: Now that the outside of the packages are ready and cleaned as much as humanly possible, I then open them on my porch (with rubber gloves).  Every item is then removed and of course the products inside the shipments are also wrapped in plastic and the other products are wrapped in either paper (if non-breakable) or plastic bubble wrap. 

I carefully take each box at a time, and pull out all the products. I then throw the "shipment container that was in either cardboard or plastic mailer" into the trash.

I then disinfect my rubber gloves again, and wipe down all the plastic that the products are in. I let that dry, and then carefully remove the actual products from the plastic they are in.

Since we are told that this virus may also live on clothing....and we also don't know who handled it before getting to me....I take this even a step further! I hang the fashion up outside on my covered porch to get some fresh air since I can't wash them for you, but I do spray around them with a disinfecting spray. (not on them directly because I don't want to get them wet.) And when they are dry, I bring them into my home.

Step 3: Now I prepare the products that are NOT clothing, such as my jewelry, gift items and decor. If the item is glass or metal, I just clean it with a spray disinfectant. Now if it is a more porous material then I take a disinfectant wipe and clean it off.  I leave this all out in the fresh air on my covered back porch to dry for at least 24 hours. (Remember these products if they were carrying the virus have already been in shipment to me for at least 3-4 days). But because I don't know who handled them before reaching me even down to my delivery companies...I still take these precautions for you and myself and my family---because I don't want to possibly contaminate our home! (this even includes any materials that I use to create my designs).

Okay now everything has been cleaned from ANY type of germs as humanly possible! What steps do I take to prepare YOUR purchases for shipment?

First, I of course wash my hands as we are instructed for 20 secs.!

I then wrap the products in tissue paper, and place them into a plastic mailer.

After everything is packaged nice and tight, I then disinfect the mailer and leave it outside to dry and then it will be ready for pick up at my home with the post office.  So once it leaves me you know that I have done all I could humanly possibly do to clean and protect your purchase!

Here is my advice to you once you receive my package or any package for that matter:

Take the mailer from me and put it on your back porch or somewhere outside your home (because we don't know who all has touched the package on the way to your home). Wipe it down with a disinfecting wipe (don't forget some gloves) and remove everything from my mailer (and throw the mailer into the trash). Now you can take it safely into your home knowing that whatever is "inside" has already been taken care of for you as much as possible!

I ALWAYS wash any new clothing I get for my personal self, before putting it in my closet or on my body! So I would suggest that you do the same before putting them on or putting them inside your closet! This should actually have been a habit of yours all along...but, definitely pick up this habit now!

I know that this may seem extreme to you and yes it takes me a lot of time, but I want to make sure you feel secure in how I get your treasures ready for you during these drastic times...and I hope this eases even just a little bit of concern on any purchase from the DLD!

Until next time...xoxo  debi 


In case you didn't know....

In case you didn't know....