How do you define the word "Home"?

As a designer this is the first question I ask my clients....and I find that it is actually sometimes difficult for them to actually answer!

Helping a client decorate or design any room in their home helps make it a MUCH easier process and will definitely satisfy the client if they actually know what they want out of their homes.

Major questions that helps make design or decorating plans a bit easier:

  • how to you want to "feel" when you enter through the front door? 
  • what is the function of each room?
  • what is your style?
  • if you don't know any of these questions, that is ok---but you do know what you DON'T WANT! and that is also a great place to start


If you are planning on doing even a little bit of decorating after the holidays, just ask yourself these few questions, and it will get you started on the right path!

As I enter into 2022 and turn 65 in February, I will be doing some changes in my decor at our home and the lake house and I will be taking you along!

So, please join me on this blog and my YouTube channel so that you can see all the changes. And of course, being a Cajun married to a Texan there will be fun tasty recipes, DIY's and our wacky adventures!

Until next time....from our home to yours xoxo  deb

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