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What is "Public Relations"????

"Public Relations" is the relationship you develop with your customer....and is a part of the Marketing Plan.

I have had PR for my work for years with great press, great support from "A List" celebrities, but for the first time this year, I ended my contract with my PR agency.  

Joan Rivers in "InStyle Mag" (One of my favs)

A small sampling of my celeb clients!

You are probably asking "WHY?" when it has been so successful!  Well, I just felt it was time to close that door and work on the "public relations" with my day to day customer. I knew I had "made it as a designer", and now it was time to move my journey into a different direction.  Not sure what or where that journey is taking me, but it was a long thought out decision with my entire family....and this was the conclusion we came up with.

Having a PR firm is extremely EXPENSIVE, yet can be very rewarding and it does give you "validation" as a designer. However, with that being DOES NOT necessarily mean that it leads to sales. (And yes, my celebs PAY for my is NOT GIFTED!)

My sales have been good, but not because of a is because of the relationship I have with my customers! Starting with TRUST....

If you feel you need a PR Firm to take your work to the next level, then make sure you do your research! Who are their customers? (In fact, call their customers and see what they have to say about the firm.) What press, media, celebs do they show their clients with? And the PR Firm is not just about "product placement"!!! It must go much further than at least once a month via phone or in person to always know what they are doing for all that money you pay. It needs to be a very open and respectful relationship on both sides. Remember----YOU are their customer, not the other way around.  They work for YOU, not YOU for them.

There is a lot of information on the internet about PR, so do your homework before making this decision....and if you have the time---try doing some of it yourself! But know, it is difficult to "stand out" in the crowd among all the other designers out there! (or whatever business you are in)

Most important----develop YOUR relationship with YOUR direct customers first!

Till next time....xo....debi

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