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What does one do when your path takes an unexpected course?

I can't believe that it has been almost 2 months since I last wrote!  But, sometimes life throws you curves and time just slips by....

I have been an artist since 1982 and became a jewelry designer in 1994, and then opened a boutique on April 9, 2008.  So obviously my journey's always seem to take me on different paths----some expected, some not.

Now as I have turned "60" and all the kids are grown and it is just me and my loving Texan hubby of 30 years----I am trying to figure out----"Where and what do I really want to be doing now that I am in the last quarter of my wonderful life?"

I may not always know for sure, but I do know a few things----I will continue to make my life fun, full of adventures, artwork, time with my family, private time with my loving Texan hubby, only sell "Made in America" to support our country's artists and to continue to "connect" women through events, workshops or those that just need a hug!

Funny, how thoughts begin to go back to where I started as an artist; so I have decided to go back to my paints and somehow insert them into my jewelry along with just having fun painting and creating "outside the box" again.

My customers are also excited about the workshops I will be having....and of course if they can't make it to the actual workshop----they can come in anytime I am open and do the workshop during my showroom hours.  My first workshop for March will be the "Altered Bottle Wind Chime"....LOTS of fun techniques. ( grandmother kept these spirit bottles in her yard hanging in the tress & porch to root her plants and herbs---and of course to keep bad energy away.)

I will of course still have products for buy and resell---for now----BUT, as time goes by all the products in the showroom will be something created by me (including up cycled fashion, altered art, altered home decor and of course my jewels) and all treasures Made in America!

This journey will take time to meet my goals---but, that is ok.  As the saying goes---"It is not the destination; it is all about the journey".

Thanks for visiting and I will be back again soon....xo....deb


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