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How in the world does one "market" a customer????

I truly believe this is one of the most difficult things to accomplish as a retail boutique but the most important...because a customer's wants/needs are an ever moving target in the retail industry!

A retail fashion boutique is all about what a customer 'wants---not a need'; and that alone makes your marketing plan EXTREMELY important and one that you must always be on top of your game about.

(image via Start-Up Fashion)

As you can see the "marketing" plan is a MASS of information. Even though I have a degree in marketing, times are a changin'! With all the new "modern marketing" via Marie Forleo (which I did take her class several years ago and HIGHLY recommend) the internet and social media has become a HUGE game changer in the retail industry (especially for us small mom and pop operations)!

These are my main "objectives" that are constantly being developed and worked on:

  • Branding
  • Public Relations
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media

To me, branding is about "who are YOU????"---from your logo, to your color themes, to your style of products down to the "look and feel of your boutique". And if you can't get this right then you and your customer will be confused as to who YOU really are and what you will have to offer them. What is going to make YOU different than all the other boutiques in your area? It starts with YOUR identity----which is your branding!

(Goggle image)

When I started my "branding", I already had my trademark "debi lynn designs" because of my own designs....when I started the boutique side it was named "Yaya Chique" (as my dba).  I found that it confused my customers, because they kept asking what is "debi lynn designs" vs. "Yaya Chique".   So now I use "DLD Boutique---the home of debi lynn designs". Much easier on my customers to remember!  All the colors, themes, products, etc...have always stayed the same since the beginning. In fact, my customers recognize my work and the "fashions" of the boutique whenever they see someone in the community wearing something from the store! So mission accomplished....

(the front of my business card)

(the back of my business card)

Just remember that you can't be everything to everyone, and you must be "consistent" with all you do.  You can always "add to" your branding as long as it "blends" with your style and who YOU are! 

If you have any "specific" questions about branding, feel free to email me at

Next time, I will talk about "Public Relations"....xo...debi


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