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How "flip flops" taught me how to live my true colorful self!

I took a look into my closet last month, and saw all BLACK, GRAY, and BROWN---with a teenie tiny dash of teal. I am not sure how I got here, because being an artist I have always LOVED color. And I mean LOVED! Heck, our home is FILLED with beautiful colors....just not my closet????

When I hit my menopausal era (around 48---and I am now 60), I started putting on weight, seeing wrinkles and all that goes with getting older. Even though I dressed others in color and beauty and I always wore "artful fashion" just not in color, I was not feeling my own passion and joy or remembering what color can do for the spirit! And I knew it was time to make some major changes....

It all started with my doctor telling me I should no longer wear flip flops???? Apparently they are not very good for your feet---but OMG what in the world was I going to be able to wear? And even though I wear lots of boots, especially "combat boot styles and cowboy boots"---summers in the Bayou City is HOT and boots aren't really a very fun or comfortable option.

So, I went on the hunt for something that I could be happy with---and the shoes had to be "ARTFUL", so I found these: and of course not really colorful...BUT

(Rieker shoes found on Amazon)

I LOVED them,yet I still wanted some more color---and then MY HEART SKIPPED a beat and I bought these---

(Chocolaticas also found on Amazon)
and wait till ya see how they come packaged in a milk carton

and then my search led me to these---

Also found on Amazon)

Now that I had the shoes...I needed some new "art" clothing and of course I had to have some new purses and look for some head bands!  And here is where all the color starting coming back into my closet and the black, browns and grays moved into another closet (I will still use them, but they will be paired with some colorful tunics, scarfs, jewels, purses and of course SHOES!)

(Gudrun Sjoden)

(Found on Zulily and also available in my boutique)

(Found on Zulily)

 I knew I was on the right path, when I found Kelly Rae Roberts "Wear Your Joy", I had already made some major changes in the showroom by only having "colorful" clothing made in the USA, and my art workshops (which I did for years starting back in 1994 thru 2006). I also started bringing in wonderful art and FUN! But, I decided to take it even further----my own closet and life.  I had to go full circle in my 60 years and become "ME" again! No matter what my age.

Every morning I go into my closet and allow myself to wear my bliss that day and give myself permission to be "playful"! And it has been AMAZING how my day is blessed and with such pure JOY (even dancing around my showroom and actually playing and creating with such WONDERFUL colors), feeling so upbeat all day with words that I cannot explain.  I know it can sound "hokey" or whatever, but TRUST me---when you decide to "Wear Your Joy" or in my case "LIVE YOUR JOY" your spirit will SOAR with unbelievable bliss from God! 

Until next time---make sure you "do your happy dance and Live YOUR BLISS"!  xoxo.....debi

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